Linen Bedding Wins!

Whilst I've always loved the look of linen bedding I was a bit skeptical of actually sleeping in it, thinking that it would be too rough. However, with a few months of sweet sleep under my belt (and this coming from someone with a child who still doesn't sleep through the night - at 2!) I'm a convert. The weightiness and softness is luxurious but not stuffy or stifling. And better yet, it's the first type of bedding that is equally pleasing to both my husband, basically a warm blooded radiator and me, someone who sleeps in her dressing gown and has has a hot water bottle in the middle of summer. There are numerous sources for fabulous linen sheets, and now that I've fallen love, I may be checking out more options in the near future. For now I can highly recommend Zara home. They are a luxury definitely worth the price tag. And the best thing about it? You don't have to iron them. Bliss!

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